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Termite Control Technology – Old Versus New – ALNASS Pest Control

by English

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene offers services using several types of Termite Control Technology (pest control for anti termites) consisting of Innovative (NEW) and Conventional (OLD) Methods, which are competitive for our customers.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Exterminex
ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Exterminex

Introducing Termite Pest Control EXTERMINEX!

Our Innovative Termite Control Technology is the EXTERMINEX Termite Monitoring System.

Our EXTERMINEX Termite Monitoring System uses the method of monitoring, trapping, and feeding termites into the Monitoring Tool (IG Station EXTERMINEX).

This device will be installed in the ground around the premises at a set distance of 3 Meters.

ABS Pest Control Alat Pemantau EXTERMINEX
ALNASS Pest Control Hygiene Pembersihan Alat Pemantau EXTERMINEX

EXTERMINEX Termite Feeding System

Our EXTERMINEX Termite Feeding System had proven to be effective in eliminating termites up to their colonies, without the use of liquid, odor, and toxic chemicals. Feeding Equipment Above-Ground (AG) Bait EXTERMINEX will be installed at the site with active termites. Then monitoring and feeding are done every two (2) weeks until the existing colony is terminated.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene is the official supplier of EXTERMINEX products

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene (formerly known as ABS Pest Control) has been officially appointed as EXTERMINEX ELITE PARTNER, from 2017 until now. We are therefore a legit supplier. Advantages of Termite Monitoring System

  • It has no perforated walls
  • It has no excavated holes
  • It contains no liquid chemicals
  • It is very safe and effective

Termites Pest Control Conventional Methods Are:

Termite Prevention System Objective, Termite Prevention System [PRE-Construction] (pest control for anti termites) is a system to prevent termites, during the building under construction or total renovation.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Pre Construction Treatment

Pre Construction Treatment

Termite Prevention System (Pos-Construction) Objective, Termite Prevention System [POS-Construction] is a system to eradicate termites attack after the building is completed.


Pos Construction Treatment

Disadvantages of Conventional Termite Control System
(pest control for anti termites)

  • Use of toxic, smelly, and harmful chemicals
  • Drilling and pumping of chemicals is done
  • Damage and excavation effects can be destructive

However, the use of our termite control technology using quality pesticides and approved by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia is used by industry standards. This is our guarantee and commitment.

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Ask more >>> 013-212 7577 (Lynda).
Ask more >>> 013-212 7577 (Lynda).
Ask more >>> 013-212 7577 (Lynda).

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