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Do Not Bring Bed Bugs Home From Hotel After Vacation or Business Trip

by English

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Bed Bug At Hotel

Those Who Like To Travel, Who Often Stay At Budget Hotels, And Always Take Public Transport To Go On Vacation. Do Not Bring Bed Bugs To Your Home From Hotel!

Introduction to Bed Bugs

There are two types of bed bugs that bite humans, adults, children, and babies as well.

  • Common bed bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are often found in areas with temperate climates or normal temperatures.
  • Tropical bed bugs (Cimex Hemipterus) are always in the tropics.

Biology Of Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs are usually very close to humans and animals to get a blood supply as their food source. Bed Bugs bites can cause problems to the skin of the body and can cause sores and bacterial infections.
  • Oval-shaped bugs about 3mm to 5mm long and wide.
  • Some are black and brown.
  • The presence of these bed bugs in your room or home can produce an unpleasant and foul odor.
  • There is also a statement stating that, if there is a bed bug presence then the rat population as well already many areas around your home.

Bed Bugs Facts

  • 3 Life Cycles of Bugs, Eggs> Nymphs> Adults
  • can live for 6 months to 12 months
  • can withstand hunger and thirst (haha) for up to 12 months
  • Female bugs can lay eggs for 500 to 1200 eggs.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene Experience

Most of our customers (ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene) who have a problem with bed bugs in their home, after being asked and questioned, most told that they just returned from vacation a few weeks ago.

On average, those who travel and vacation tell them that they take public transport such as buses, trains, and planes. Yes, bugs can move around by public or private vehicles.

Once in a local newspaper, it was reported that express bus passengers suffered for 6 hours on the bus due to bug bites along the way.

An international airline was once sued by passengers and paid up to hundreds of thousands of ringgit in compensation because one of their passengers was bitten by a bug while on the plane.

From the questionnaire, we asked, most of the countries they went on holiday to, were from developing third world countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines and not to mention Hong Kong and Macau.

What is the irony or does it have to do with the hotel, transportation, and country mentioned and mentioned.

I explain below, continue reading.

Hotel (Bug / Bed Bugs)

Why hotels are always attacked by bed bugs, especially budget hotels. Many of our customers are from luxury hotel and budget hotel operators. We will share more.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Bed Bugs In Hotel

We all know that hotels are visited by many people from various races and countries. So the bed bugs migration (transfer) factor is easy to apply.

How can this bed bugs home hotel move around?

Bed bugs are crawling insects that crawl into our suitcases and clothes.

When this bed bugs home hotel has started to be in the bag or stick to our clothes without us even noticing, it can multiply quickly.

Bed Bugs can sneak in and sneak out of our bags and start sneaking into the bedroom, especially the mattress and rugs in our home.

It took just one to start, then it will lay eggs a lot and soon then these bed bugs will start biting and sucking blood for their food source.

Infection Through Aircraft Cargo (Bug / Bed Bugs)

Just imagine that all baggage in the cargo that was put together got crawled by bed bugs. Scary right?

This is the condition of your bag to be brought into the cargo cabin.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Bed Bugs Airplanes Cargo

Therefore, take precautionary measures by making sure your bag is bed bugs-free before returning home.

Make sure that during hotel rooms, mattresses, pillows, and (paneling skirting) there is no effect of the presence of bed bugs.

If there is an active effect of the bed bugs, then you can deal with the hotel to change the room or ask (refund) to change to another hotel.

This is always done by foreign tourists, especially from western countries because they are very (aware) of this bed bugs problem.

Try to find in the market lotions or sprays (bed bugs repellant) sold as an additional step to avoid bugs.

My personal practice when entering a hotel room is by start checking on the mattress, pillows of the hotel, and sofa for the presence of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Treatment

If you or an acquaintance of yours is experiencing bug problems at home they can refer to ALNAS Pest Control & Hygiene.

Our Bug Insect Service Procedures use residual spraying and misting methods.

The Bed Bugs Service we do uses chemicals that have a pesticide license number (LRMP No) from the approval of the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.

It comes with a Service Guarantee for 30 Days.

For further inquiries on insect control services and services especially for bed bugs from ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene, please call us.

Hotline >>> 013-212 7577 Azlynda
Hotline >>> 013-212 7577 Azlynda
Hotline >>> 013-212 7577 Azlynda

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