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Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide from warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs prefer warm temperatures, and the crevices of a mattress or box spring provide the perfect home. 

ALNASS PEST Bed Bug Treatment and control procedures involve residual spraying and misting the infestation area. 

Get Bed bugs and Fleas down with chemical and residual spray procedure, in infestation area. The procedure should be repeated within 15 days for maximum effectiveness.



Are the chemicals used safe and effective?

ALNASS PEST only uses quality pesticides and has been approved by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia to be used according to industry standards

Are the employees local or foreign (imported)?

ALNASS PEST is 100% local workers. All operations and management staff are Bumiputera Malaysians.

What is the guarantee provided by ALNASS PEST?

Service Guarantee (30 Days). A one -time FREE repeat service will be provided if the pest problem cannot be resolved within 30 days, after the date of the last service performed

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