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Bed Bugs Vacation Attack – 5 Tips To Avoid Bringing Them Back Home

by English

Bed Bugs is flat and reddish, and it smells soo bad. It measures 4mm to 5mm or the size of an apple. It can spread through the far hidden eggs. Female bed bugs can produce 5 eggs a day at a minimum.

Bed Bugs cause the following problems;

  • Carry disease through their bites.
  • Cause chronic itching.
  • Cause scabies on the body.
  • Interfere with your sleep.

Picture shows the effects of a bed bugs vacation attack bite on the body of our customers at their rental house. Rented by 4 people in a 1500sqft condominium house.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Bed Bugs Bite 1

According to the story from the victim, the four of them had just returned from a holiday abroad, and some of them always (travel) on the basis of work. When on holiday, they prefer budget hotels for cheap and flexible costs, he said.

We often hear stories like this, our customers are often get bed bugs vacation attack after returning from vacation, whether in the country or abroad.

5 Tips to avoid bringing bugs home:

1. Use a fully enclosed bag, such as (Luggage Hardcase & Protector) or wrapped with (plastic wrap) to prevent bed bugs from entering our bag while in the cargo space of ships, planes, buses, or trains.

2. In the hotel room, do not place clothes and clothing bags to be used or already used on the floor or carpet. Place on a table or high place or better place in plastic then tie.

3. Once at home, separate the clothes brought back and continue to wash as soon as possible, the washing time also separates the clothes from the existing clothes at home. This must be done.

4. Bags of clothes used during the holiday, if. can be inhaled using a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner). So that the eggs and bed bugs are sucked. This minimizes the risk of bed bugs surviving and sneak into our bedroom.

5. Always do cleaning activities (Vacuum Cleaner) in the carpet space and mattress edge in your home, after a week of returning from vacation from abroad or in the country. The house is always clean and tidy.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Bed Bug At Hotel

If you have been attacked by Bed Bugs. If you are interested, ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene offers Bed Bugs Eradication Service that can completely eliminate bed bugs in your home, using the latest and most effective methods.


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Ask more >>> 013-212 7577 (Lynda)
Ask more >>> 013-212 7577 (Lynda)

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