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5 Important Termite Attack Signs at Home and Office

by English

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Learn About Termite

Don’t Underestimate The Issue Of Termite Attack Signs At Your Home Or Business Premises! It Is Because The Effect Can Cause Loss, Damage, And Safety Of Your Family!

We share our experience as a pest control company. A list of 5 sign that your home is attacked by Termites:

1. Damage To Wood

The most common and easily found damage is to the wooden frames of doors and windows near damp areas, such as bathrooms. It looks rotten and when tapped it sounds hollow.

2. Bubble or Peeling Wall Paint

Observe the surface of the wall paint especially in damp areas near the bathroom, the effect of peeling and swelling, check the presence of termites or moist soil.

3. Mud Tubes / Trail

When you see a circle of moist soil on the floor or wall and this circle is getting longer from day to day, then it is a positive sign of the presence of termites.

4. Strange Sounds (Kriitikkkk Kriitikkk Tiikkk)

Yes, when in quiet situation, we can hear strange sounds on wooden floors, wooden frames, kitchen cabinets, or clothes. That indicates termite colonies are active there.

5. Kelkatu (Alates) / Wings Scattered on the floor.

We will see this kelkatu (swarmers/alates) that will come out a lot after rain or in hot weather. These are also known as reproductive (young female and male winged termites).

When you see between the five (5) signs as above, what to do?

  • Do not disturb their activities to avoid them being more aggressive and moving from that spot.
  • Do not spray with any chemicals or aerosol.
  • Contact the pest control company immediately

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene provides Free Termite Screening Check to confirm the presence of termite attack signs and the attacking species.

Next, our team (Pest Management Advisor) will provide a description and presentation of methods and procedures, conventional and innovative for your knowledge.

Ask more 013-212 7577 – Lynda Pest Control Advisor
Ask more 013-212 7577 – Lynda Pest Control Advisor
Ask more 013-212 7577 – Lynda Pest Control Advisor

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