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3 ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene Partner Programs You Need to Know

by English

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Mobile Pest Training

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene has a holistic program that can help branding, marketing, and sales – as well as good level of trust from potential customers and existing customers.

Under the Partnership Program organized by ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene, consists of three main programs namely:

  • Branch Partner Program
  • Mobile Partner Program
  • Referral Partner Program

The Partnership Program is a strategic partner of ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene, created to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to start an insect and pest control business.

These programs have objectives, roles, and responsibilities directly to the parent company, ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene.

This is one of the business models of ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene, in addition to offering services and services in the field of insect and pest control, also offers the opportunity to open an insect and pest control business under the concept of direct licensing.


The Branch Business Partner is, strategic partner of ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene, which will be established to provide comprehensive insect control services.

Branch Business Partners will, created in each state, cover the entire Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.


Mobile Partner, is a business partner created to provide general insect and pest control services.

Mobile Partners were plan with the target of creating one mobile partner in each district for the entire state.

The Mobile Partner Program started in June 2016, until now has created 50 ALNASS Pest Mobile district locations in Peninsular Malaysia.

10 series (Batch) Workshop on How to Start a Mobile Insect & Pest Control Business was held and successfully recruited many Mobile Partners.

Mobile Insect & Pest Control Business Starter Package is as low as RM3000 only, which is practical, relevant, and low in start-up capital.

The Mobile Partner Program has made history in the Malaysian insect and pest control industry, where it has successfully created insect and pest control business opportunities for many new entrepreneurs.

ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Workshop Participant
ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene - Workshop Participant

In addition, participants are exposed to local marketing and sales techniques that provide confidence. Potential of this insect and pest control business is very large and competitive.

Participants are also given exposure on how to start an insect and pest control business properly, where the basic business management system covers, finance, accounting, operations and human resources are managed systematically.


Referral Business Partners, created to provide impact in terms of sales and branding through referrals.

People can generate additional income by referring ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene to their contacts about insect and pest control services and termites from ALNAS Pest Control & Hygiene.

Referral Partners will be provided with brochures and infographic advertisements with their Referring Partner Identification Number (ID). This simplifies the process of paying commissions to our Referring Partners.

Company Roles

  • Provide opportunities for potential entrepreneurs to venture into the insect control industry.
  • Provide intensive theoretical and practical training for initial business preparation in the field of insect control.
  • Training and support cover operations, sales, and marketing from companies.

Achievements of ALNASS Pest Control & Hygiene

Our achievements

  • 50 ALNAS Pest Mobile branches have been successfully established, in every district throughout the state.
  • Opportunity for many people to run a pest control business using mobile pest control approach.

Location Vacancy

  • North | Perak, Penang, Kedah, Perlis
  • East | Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan
  • South | N.Sembilan, Melaka, Johor
  • Klang Valley | Rawang, Selayang, Petaling Jaya, Ampang
  • 100 Mobile Partners are required in each district for each state.
  • Fee RM 100 only.

For registration purposes and inquiries can:-

Call / wasap us at 012-5915916 (Farhana)

Call / wasap us at 019-212 8081 (Lynda)

or Click The Link To The Form Accordingly.

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